Water Soluble CBD 


Products with water soluble cannabinoids are game-changers in the cannabis industry! The bioavailability of water soluble cannabinoids is typically 5X that of normal hemp products. To put that into perspective, the body only absorbs roughly 1/5th of CBD taken orally (e.g. the body only absorbs about 6mg of CBD when 30mg are taken orally), meaning the bioavailability is about 20% (sometimes less). With water soluble cannabinoids, the body can absorb 90%+ of what is taken (e.g. the body can absorb about 27mg of CBD when 30mg are taken orally). This means a 300mg water soluble tincture can be as effective as a 1500mg regular tincture! 

Unlike standard oil-based tinctures, water-soluble tinctures can provide amore intense, near-instant feeling of relief, although the effects will not be as long-lasting as that of the oil-based. In addition, the water-soluble tinctures can be used more frequently throughout the day (up to 4 doses per 8 hours).This is why we recommend this product as an addition to our oil-based tinctures, as opposed to a replacement. 

- These are intended to be mixed with a liquid base, not taken on their own 

- Is intended to be an addition, not a replacement

- Up to 5x more bioavailability, so the effects are more potent, even with a lower milligram


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