Colorado Cures - Topical Full Spectrum Hot Cream 5000mg 5oz

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Soothe tight muscles with a quick and easy natural pain reliever. Available in (1.5oz) 1500mg,and (5oz) 5000mg. Ingredients: Full Spectrum Cannabinoid extracts from cannabis, organic aloe leaf juice, meadowfoam seed oil, camphor bark oil, menthol crystals, capsicum fruit oleoresin, white sweet basil leaf oil, black pepper oil, Roman chamomile flower oil, German chamomile flower oil,cinnamon leaf oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, helichrysum flower oil, ginger root, pink grapefruit peel oil, juniper berry oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, pine needle oil, ravensara leaf oil, spearmint oil, wild oregano oil,, glycerin, tetrasodium, glutamate diacetate, organic alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, triethanolamine, witch hazel water.

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