Were you aware that CBD is gaining traction in athletics, both professional and amateur? As the United States begins to understand CBD, more and more prominent figures are incorporating it into their lives. Both the World Anti-Doping Agency and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency allow athletes to use CBD isolate.

CBD and Athletics 2

Why Add CBD to Your Athletic Lifestyle?

Even if we are not professional athletes ourselves, we can all understand feeling burnt out on the field. There are so many chances for things to go wrong when the twist of the leg sends the soccer ball soaring through the air. Imagine that you’re scaling a rock wall, and you throw out your shoulder or strain your forearms. It does not matter if you boulder up an incline in an indoor gym or carve your path through a sheer mountain wall, overextending yourself can knock you on your butt.

You do not need to be far from home to wear your body down. An intense CrossFit session can tear up our abs. That vertical leap preceding a basketball shot and the not-so-cushioned landing may end up wrecking the knees.

CBD does not fix these problems. If you undergo an injury, then please see a medical professional.

But CBD can help us to maintain our athletic lifestyles. It can be used at any time during the day, which is why we have designed a variety of products to complement any exercise routine.

When to Add CBD to Athletics

Here are a few tips when combining CBD with your workout.

Bring our Colorado Cures CBD Hot Cream with you when going for a workout. You can tuck the Hot Cream into a gym bag and apply it right after your workout to target localized areas. The CBD Hot Cream helps your body ease into the resting period after exercise.

You can bring CBD with you when going for a run, as well. If your running shorts or leggings have a small pocket in the back, you can hold onto a CBD Isolate Tincture. We recommend using it in the second half of your run before you start heading back home. As the CBD enters into your endocannabinoid system, it can help give a more natural transition into a less active part of your day.

Gummies work well if you take them before starting something active like a pick-up game. Grabbing the right amount of CBD gummies can help keep focus and drive during a game while also preventing stiff form. The gummies also allow work as before bed snack that promotes restful sleep after an exhausting workout.

However you go about adding CBD to your exercise, the most important thing is staying mindful of how CBD affects you. Keeping track of the effects that CBD has after you apply in a journal can help you to decide the right amount for you. You could start by making a list of the effects you want, and then keep track of what happens throughout the day.

Try CBD Today

If you’re interested in seeing first hand how CBD can help with athletics, then navigate to our products page to find something you like. Colorado Cures means a variety of all-natural, hemp-derived products.