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Colorado Cures Isolate Tincture

You or your best four legged friend need a little extra pep in your step? You've got a back up if you ever need a little extra help for those tougher days. 500mg Colorado Cures Isolate Tinctures work well as additives to your cannabis therapy regimens! Live your best life on your and your furry friends adventure.

Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

The soothing effect of eucalyptus paired with granulated sugar allow for a gentle exfoliation of your skin while you breathe in the freshness and relax and invigorate your mind.

6ft CBD Plus USA phone charger 

Have you ever been out and realized you forgot your phone charger? Well fear not for the future, you got one cord that fits most phones in todays market.

25:2 Anytime Full Spectrum Gummies

Thes gummies are delightfully crafted and the tangerine flavor will brighten anyones day. With a total of 25mg CBD and 2mg Delta-9 THC this ratio makes for a good supplement to your cannabis regimine and if you allow the gummie to melt in your mouth, it tends to work a little quicker.

Muscle and Joint Capsules

This supplemental blend of herbs and CBD isolate is a great addition or replacement to your daily routine. The Muscle and Joint Capsules are also great as a preventive measure after workouts or practice to keep your muscles and joints in tip top shape.

CBD Hot Cream

Ease those achy joints and knotted muscles with this topical cream. Infused with CBD, Black Pepper Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Oregano Leaf Oil and Menthol Crystals along with many other ingredients. After application within minutes your well one your way to a more productive day

Cherry Wine Pre Roll

This sultry hemp cultivar is praised for its fruity, flavor with that bold finish you may find in some dark red wines. For more information about this product see the product description.

Wild Cherry Squib

This organic gummie can be a great booster when out on a hike or out on the water when you may have been jarred around too much.

Crisp Apple Squib

The memories of being young flood back when you pop this gummie in your mouth. You may feel like you can conquer the world and have no fear.

Mild Roast Whole Bean Coffee Mild roast Guatemalan coffee that has been infused with CBD isolate is a great way to start the day or after a meal with dessert. Kick start your day with these beans, you wont regret it!

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